Being a woman in VC with GOODSoil

The venture-capital profession is less than a century old, but it controls a lot of investment capital. It can be a very interesting job as you get to hear about exciting things, be on the cutting edge of innovation, and meet very smart and motivated people who are interested in starting companies. So why aren’t there more women in venture capital? Aren’t there enough qualified women to be in venture capital?

It is widely known that women aren’t well represented in founding or partner roles in the startup investment space. According to Tech Crunch, only 7 percent of investing partners at the top 100 venture firms are women. The reason for the minority of women in VC is, according to Miura-Ko, that women tend to question how they will fit into male-dominated firms and that some women take themselves out before they are promote to general partners as they might ask themselves if they really want to be one of the first female partners of the firm.

The change of this situation is definitely a matter of time, a few months ago, a group of woman general partners at venture funds got together to brainstorm what they can do to make more progress in the Venture Capital industry. Their first initiative is Female Founder Office Hours (FFOH), is about bringing together the community of female VCs and the community of female founders, with the goal of kickstarting a virtuous cycle of women in tech helping women in tech.

My team and I are proud and encouraged to work in a VC with two female partners. Female management is almost invariably more transparent, and we firmly believe that diverse teams make better decisions and get better results.