Most notably in 2011 Richard founded GAFF TV, which created unique media content on the lives of famous footballers and Rus Management which was a Sports Marketing Agency connecting footballers to national brands. Bringing together his love of marketing and start-ups, in 2012 he launched Dream Random, a branding agency located in London. The agency has worked with brands such as MAINS© London and Nike.

As a passion project, Richard co-founded The Supps, which is an online media channel focused on bringing awareness to new start-ups and SMEs through in-depth interviews.

In parallel to his work in media, Richard co-founded Reflex Eco group, with GOODsoil’s Ashley MacCarthy. The company focused on investing in precious metals for high-wealth individuals across Europe. In 2015, the pair went on to found financial services company OBSIDIAN, which focused on investments across Sub-Saharan Africa. Richard was the principal strategist for the firm and helped them expand into the East African market. The company is based in Accra, Ghana and continues to thrive, having reached a trade volume of £260 million in 2017.

In 2017, Richard co-founded GOODsoil. He is passionate about marketing and branding and will focus on building brand awareness and marketing for GOODsoil portfolio companies.

Richard has a Bachelor of Science at the University of Hertfordshire.